Experience Connections

Discover. Belong. Thrive.

Baylor University's New Student Programs creates shared experiences that foster belonging and excitement for new students and that inspire them to take ownership of their unique Baylor story.

Student Reflections

"At Orientation, it was fun exploring the campus, hearing about my major, and discovering the excellence and the balance between the spiritual, physical, academic, and social aspects of life here at Baylor."

Paige Freeburg
Psychology - Dallas, Tx - Class of 2022

"I was surprised by the lasting impact that Baylor Orientation and Line Camp has on people. I've seen people meet their best friends through these programs and they're truly something special."

Colton Parker
Business Finance - Houston, Tx - Class of 2021

"One thing that I loved about Orientation, Baylor Line Camp and Welcome Week was their ability to make me feel at home at Baylor before school even started."

Amanda Burke
Elementary Education - San Antonio, Tx - Class of 2022